I haven't posted anything in about 3 or 4 months, probably just cause of school and other stuff, oh well. Not much has happened just going to a dance now, that's all!

- Tim

Contemplated at 11.12.03


Sorry I haven't been posting anything but, nothing really happened, Undeworld was great, but all my favorite people (Viktor and Lucian) died, overall though it was good, it had a plot. My brother went his friend's cabin during the weekend, and that's pretty much all that happened, and o' yea, I never saw Christina Friday, so I didn't ask her.

Contemplated at 22.9.03


Tomorrow is probably when I'll ask Christina to see a movie, but it would have to be before 7:30 because my brother's birthday party starts at 9:00

Contemplated at 18.9.03


Today I gave away three copies of Photoshop, one to my friend Ethan, one to this kid that sits behin me in AB and sits behind me in Algebra, and the laste one to Kate, the girl that sist next to me in AB.

Thats all for today,

Contemplated at 17.9.03


I might ask Christina to see a movie when I give her her picture from the dance. The only problem is that I don't really want to ask her for her address.

Your's Truly,

Contemplated at 16.9.03


I got Warcraft III Frozen Throne today, it's pretty cool with the new heroes, i.e. the Dark Ranger can drain life, and she can also shoot arrows that turn everything they kill into skeletons. I just got Photoshop 7.0 and made a new header, but my dad won't pay for the upgraded version of Blogger and I don't have much money, so I can't show em to you, but they show up as little red x's.


Contemplated at 14.9.03


Sorry I didn't say anything yesterday, but nothin really happened, I invited Ethan over to my house and my sister ran in Cross Country and got no where near first, her "large" friend in cross country got last, :-/ Today I rented Soul Calibur II for X-Box, it's pretty cool. That's pretty much all that happened today.

Your's Truly,

Contemplated at 13.9.03

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